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2020 Rescare M1 CPAP Cleaner And Disinfector
2020 Rescare M1 CPAP Cleaner And Disinfector
2020 Rescare M1 CPAP Cleaner And Disinfector
2020 Rescare M1 CPAP Cleaner And Disinfector

2020 Rescare M1 CPAP Cleaner And Disinfector

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The package is included heated adaper ,USB charger and a zipper bag.

(Notice: The worldwide was affected by the 2019 new coronavirus (2019 nCoV)So your product will take longer to arrive(about 2-4 weeks), Please wait patiently.Best wishes.)

Product details:

Scope of application: can sterilize anything. Quickly disinfect your CPAP, CPAP mask, hose, and water tank within minutes. It can also be used to disinfect toothbrushes,electronic products, hearing AIDS and mobile phones. Even children's toys.

Unique design: unique and innovative design, can quickly change the smell of ozone to the normal smell, inhibit the spread of ozone, while accelerating the release of oxygen molecules of ozone (reaction rate is 5,000 times faster than chlorine), improve the efficiency of ozone

(PS.This CPAP cleaner applies to almost all machines like ResMed machines, Philips machines, Weinmann machines and so on.(Notice: ResMed machines need a heated adapter) 


  • Destroys 99.9% of CPAP germs, bacteria, and other pathogens
  • Peace-of-mind CPAP sanitizing
  • Completely automated
  • No need to take CPAP equipment apart
  • No water or messy chemicals required
  • Same sanitizing process used in water purification, hospitals, and produce handling

❌ Beware of cheap knock offs selling fragile cpap cleaners with non-compliant sanitizer which use harmful chemicals (very dangerous for your health!) ⚠️ All our devices are CE and ISO13485 certified so you can rest assured that it’s tested, approved, and 100% safe! With CPAP therapy comes the challenge of keeping the equipment properly sanitized, so as to minimize any potential exposure to MRSA and other pathogens that may be present.

Studies show that patients rarely adhere to this schedule, which can lead to bacteria and mold accumulation in their CPAP equipment and possible health complications. In order to keep the mask clean, typically the end-user has to take apart the mask, hose, and humidifier reservoir, clean them, and then reassemble them.

Cleaning your CPAP doesn’t have to be complicated, you simply press the only button on the device , and Rescare™ does the rest. Using activated oxygen, Rescare™ eliminates 99.9 percent of CPAP bacteria, germs, and other pathogens. No disassembly. No water. No chemicals. Just simple, automated cleaning.

How to use your Rescare CPAP cleaner?

1.Clean CPAP Tubing and Mask

STEP 1:Disconnect CPAP tubing from your machine and connect to Rescare CPAP Cleaner. If using heated tubing,please use included heated tubing adapter over the port on the Cleaner and connect tubing.

STEP 2:Place your mask (which is connected to hose) inside the bag enclosure. Zip up as much as possible with the tubing still attached.

STEP 3:Long press the power button to turn on. The device will make a short beep.The status indicator will turn green and the cycle will begin

STEP 4:Upon completion of sanitizing,.Open the bag slowly to allow the ozone to dissipate into the room.

STEP 5:Optional – After cycle is nished, wait 20 minutes then open the bag slowly to help minimize any ozone mell.

2.Clean CPAP  Machine and Chamber

STEP 1:Empty any and all water from your humidity chamber and reconnect it to your CPAP machine

STEP 2:Disconnect your tubing from your mask and connect that end of your tubing to the Rescare Cleaner.Some tubing may require the included adapter.

STEP 3:This is how your connection should look(CPAP machine varies).

STEP 4:Long press the power button to turn on. The device will make a short buzz.The status indicator will turn green and the cycle will begin.

STEP 5:Upon completion of sanitizing, the cleaner will stop produce ozone.

STEP 6:Disconnect hose from CPAP cleaner and reconnect to CPAP mask. Optional:Wait 5 minutes to eliminate any trace smell of ozone before using.

Compatible Machine List

(PS: The cleaner doesn't fit Philips heated tube)


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